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The New Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo 2016

The Renovation Project in a Glance


We make available the articles published by the Franciscan Archeological Institute on their website until September 2004, which testify to the work and the activity of Franciscan archaeologists in Jordan and to the director of the institute P. Michele Piccirillo († 2008). The Franciscan Archaeological Institute is part of the activities and is under the direction of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum in Jerusalem. The e-mail address listed on the web pages is no longer active.

Mt. Nebo – An introduction 
Mt. Nebo’s history and archaeological discoveries 
The Mosaics of Mount Nebo
Proposed International Projects for Mount Nebo
Khirbat al-Mukhayyat – the Town of Nebo
‘Ain Kaniseh – Chapel of the Theotokos
The churches in the ‘Uyun Musa Valley
Pope John Paul’s visit to Mt. Nebo 

Mount Nebo Archaeological Park (our dream is still awaiting )
The Madaba Archaeological Park (a proposal fulfilled)
The site of the Baptism of Jesus (it all started at Mt. Nebo )
Umm al Rasas included in World Heritage list

Results of the Archaeological campaign 2002
Results of the Archaeological campaign 2001
Results of the Archaeological campaign 2000
Results of the Archaeological campaign 1999
Results of the Archaeological campaign 1998
Results of the Archaeological campaign 1997
Results of the Archaeological campaign 1996
Machaerus Fortress excavated by the Institute
Excavations at Umm el-Rasas
Excavations at Nitl
Campagna di scavo 2002  (non-official album)
Campagna di scavo 2004  (non-official album)

Madaba the town in history
The Madaba Mosaic Map: an important historic document
The Madaba Mosaic Map: 100 years since its discovery
The Madaba Map – interactive special web site by SBF

Seventy years of work on the mountain  1933-2003 – Album
A monolith on Mount Nebo 
Antonino Vaccalluzzo – Un mosaicista dei nostri tempi
Antonino Vaccalluzzo – pictures
Baptism in the Jordan River since 1967
A Roman Milestone 
New Archaeological Excavations 1967-1997 (presentation of the book)
A Review